Photo: Yoshikazu Suzuki

Yoshikazu SuzukiTEDxHamamatsu 2018 Speaker

Basketball tutor

Born in 1979 in Ibaraki Prefecture, lives in Saitama Prefecture.
Mr. Suzuki started “Basketball Tutor” as a business, specializing in coaching basketball
to children all over Japan and training Junior-level basketball coaches. Mr. Suzuki’s coaching
method is “To train coaches who move people’s hearts not by force but by gentleness, not by threat but by pride.” An ideal relationship between players and coaches could be seen there.

Mr. Suzuki started playing basketball when he transferred to a new primary school where he met a coach he respected who had changed his life. He started aiming to become a basketball coach in his junior high school days. He continued pursuing his basketball career passionately in junior high and high school and started “Basketball Tutor” in 2002 when he enrolled into Chiba University Graduate School.

In 2007, he founded a company and has established a reputation for his curriculum of training coaches, while he enriches his coaching program through delivery coaching and camping program. He has also been carrying out projects overseas, in such countries as Spain and Germany, researching and developing his coaching theory internationally.

His motto is “to strive for the best that I could become”. He loves drinking and ramen noodles.

Supervised 20 books such as “Basketball IQ Training book (Published by MyNavi Co.)” and “Textbook of Basketball Vol.1-4 (Published by Baseball Magazine Sha Co., Ltd.)”, and 18 Video programs.

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