Privacy Policy

The TEDxHamamatsu executive committee (“the Committee” hereafter) has the privacy policy as below to construct for protection system. The Committee complies with laws related to privacy, ensure to perceive the importance and effort of privacy protection, and promote the proper handling of private information.

Handling private information

The Committee keeps your private information accurate and latest, and in order to prevent it from injustice access, loss, damage, falsification, leakage, and so on, the Committee takes necessary measures such as maintaining the security system, preparation of management system, and ensuring training for the staff so that the Committee controls the private information strictly by taking safety measure.

Purpose of using private information

The Committee uses your private information for the following purposes:

  • Contact and business guidance from TEDxHamamatsu, answers to questions
  • Providing information on entertainments organized by TEDxHamamatsu

Prohibition to release and provide the private information to a third party

The Committee saves your private information correctly and does not release it except in the cases mentioned below:

  • The consent of the Individual concerned is obtained
  • Releasing the information is required in accordance with laws

Correction and deletion of private information

The Committee refers to/corrects/deletes the private information with the individual concerned request after confirming the identification.

Compliance with/revision of laws and rules

The Committee revises this privacy policy properly and improves it in addition to complying with Japanese laws related to private information.


Please do not hesitate ask about the privacy policy via e-mail.

TEDxHamamatsu Executive Committee
Representative: Tetsuya Kawaguchi
Responsible Department: Participant Team