For Press

For media request, please contact to Hayami Matsubara (, who is in charge of publicity for TEDxHamamatsu.

The organizer of TEDx event cannot make any comments for TED Conference.

Here is the contact detail for TED:
Melody Serafino (TEDx Media Liaison)

Difference between TED and TEDx

We appreciate all kinds of media, such as press and bloggers, for reporting our activities. Now we would like to ask for your kind understanding about the difference between “TED” and “TEDx”.

“x” from “TEDx” means “this event is organized uniquely”, therefore omitting “x” is not correct. Please kindly write “TEDxHamamatsu” every time.

Correct: TEDxHamamatsu
Incorrect: TEDx Hamamatsu / TEDHamamatsu / TED Hamamatsu

Please refer to the TED official website for details.