Photo: Satoru Shoji

Satoru ShojiTEDxHamamatsu 2015 Speaker

“Playing Planner”, Tourism guide of Okuhamanako

Born in Fujinomiya city in 1984. Suddenly appeared in Okuhamanako three years ago, changed the concept of “Tourism”. He is also “playing planner” and “specialist of enjoying now”.

After he had lived in Kansai area for 9 years, somehow he dropped in Hamamatsu on the way home, and somehow started to work for Okuhamanako Tourism Agency even he knew nothing at all. Since then, he has renovated the old-fashioned touring leaflet with his photograph skill and made effort to transmit touring information via HP and SNS.

While walking around the community with a camera and working for the local people such as helping orange agriculture or cleaning the temple, he discovered the attractive aspects of Hamamatsu. Now he knows the community more than natives and attracts attention from them.

He sometimes rides a motorcycle on holidays without having destination. But he surely believes his words, “Destination comes after roving”.

TEDx Talk

Let’s go somewhere where there is nothing.

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