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Kyoko HatayamaTEDxHamamatsu 2017 Speaker


Ms. Hatayama was born in 1985 and lives in Shizuoka city.
“Snacks for those who worry about blood sugar level with relief.” Ms. Hatayama has been studying lower sugar snacks based on her own experience of struggling against diabetes. Her activity has been giving a ray of hope to those who suffer from the same disease.

Ms. Hatayama started working as a nutritionist at a welfare facility after graduating from university. In 2008, she was suddenly diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes. She had struggled against her blood sugar level, in other words, against managing her whole diet. Tired of struggling against disease, and feeling guilty on snacking in secret, she once gave up on herself. Then, low-sugar snacks with the limiting sugar intake gave her a hope.

Taking back her favorite “Snack Time”, Ms. Hatayama thought that “I want to spread low-sugar snacks that can be safely taken” and took action. Her passion gathered a lot of empathy, and she succeeded in crowdfunding in 2016. She opened a cafe with her husband and began offering delicious low-sugar snacks. Her café have also been introduced in television and other media, attracting wide attention.

Customers come to the café, looking forward to Ms. Hatayama’s cheerful smile and chat with her along with low-sugar snack. She makes us realize that “Snack Time” is necessary not only for children but also for adults as a time to satisfy both stomach and heart.

She likes re-arranging rooms and climbing mountains. Surprisingly she loves spicy food. Her motto in life is “Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven”.

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