Photo: Takahiko Hariyama

Takahiko HariyamaTEDxHamamatsu 2016 Speaker

Professor of Medical Department at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

He was born in Tokyo in 1952 and now lives in Hamamatsu city.
He is the leading person in biomimetics which is a technology trying to utilize superior function of creature for engineering and medical field. He is also the developer of surface protective coating, NanoSuit®, which makes it possible to observe living biological sample with an electron microscope.

He had been an assistant at Applied Information Sciences Center of Tohoku University and then an assistant professor at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine before taking up his present post in 2004.

He is also a visiting researcher of University of Groningen and a visiting professor of University of Florence at the same time.

His special fields are biomimetics, ocular physiology, hyperfine structure observation by NanoSuit®, and photobiology. He has been successful all over the world such as Antarctica, Africa, and Europe.

In addition to his book “Creatures’ Information Strategy – Quiet Battles for Survival” (published from Kagaku-Dojin Publishing Company, INC), he has many co-authorships and supervised “Biomimetics of Insects” (published from NTS) “Animal Care by Researcher” (Kyoritsu Shuppan Co., Ltd.). He has been appearing in the media several times such as “Darwin has come!” (NHK TV program).

“Life is play. The more serious play you do, the more enjoyable your life be”, says Mr. Hariyama. He is right in the middle of “serious play”. With his curiosity and surroundings where he can study interdisciplinary field, he has been made innovation beyond categories.

He extremely loves drinking alcohol, and his charming voice and smile make you feel as if you are held gently and warmly.

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