TEDxHamamatsuSalon vol.8 will be held on 2nd June.

We have started looking for participants for TEDxHamamatsuSalon vol.8 on 2nd June. Applications will be accepted until 27th May.

TEDxHamamatsu holds TEDxHamamatsuSalon, a smaller event, several times a year to concentrate on community activities.

The theme of TEDxHamamatsuSalon vol.8 is “Take in External Diversity”. Why don’t we think of diverse foods and food culture?

At this event, we will watch selected TED talks, discuss and do activities, instead of inviting speakers. In addition, the participants will experience the depth of food cultures through a day of listening to exchange students from Asian countries and eating dishes form several countries.

Admission is FREE! Please enjoy meeting people and varied ideas together with delicious foods.

Item Content
Date 2 June, 2018 / 13:00 – 19:30
Place Sala Plaza Sanarudai, Shoku-labo
1-11-5 Naka-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka 432-8021
[Google Map]
Fee Free
Application period Until 27 May, 2018

Refer to the event page for TEDxHamamatsuSalon vol.8. and application details.
TEDxHamamatsuSalon vol.8