TEDxHamamatsuLive 2019 is coming!

TEDxHamamatsu is going to hold a live replay of the TED2019 conference in Hamamatsu on April 19.

Please enjoy some highlights before TED2019 is released on YouTube later this year.
We will show the 2 of our favorite sessions on the day.

You can join this free of charge, and may come and go at anytime.
Please join us in viewing TED2019!

TEDxHamamatsuLive 2019 Overview

Item Detail
Date and time April 19, 2019, 1:20PM – 6:40PM
Venue Shizuoka University Art and Culture / Research Center
Admission Free
Application Please apply through the link below.
TEDxHamamatsuLive 2019 Application Form
Application period April 18, 2019

Please refer to the link below for more information such as Time table.
TEDxHamamatsuLive 2019