Application for Speakers TEDxHamamatsu 2016

We TEDxHamamatsu 2016 are looking for a few speakers the same as last year.

Is there anyone who has “ideas” worth speading from Hamamatsu to the world, or from the world to Hamamatsu? There must be great ideas which we haven’t met yet, as Hamamatsu city has many different faces like manufacturing, nature, music, tradition and so on.

In that sense, we would like to find speakers who can make a presentation on TEDxHamamatsu 2016 which will be held on Sep 25. Please let us know your original idea.

TEDx is not a place to compete, to do business nor to speak about your dream or throb. Whether you are famous or not doesn’t matter. All you need is only the “idea”.

Your idea might illuminate someone’s heart, meet another idea and make up another new idea… Let’s make such a rich potential opportunity together with us.

We will be waiting for your application.


Application Period

Apr 21 – May 12, 2016

Application Requirements

A person who has “ideas worth spreading”.
You are required to attend an audition on Jun 19, pre-rehearsals on Jul 30 and Sep 24.

Examples of the “idea” what we TEDxHamamatsu think it should be

  • the idea which bring us something new or awareness
  • the idea which lead us to think or inspire a discussion
  • the idea which make us excited

We are looking for the ideas like these examples.

Application Method

Please submit an application form.

Application form
Application has been closed.

Selection Process

  1. First round: We select based on application form.
    The result will be sent to you through e-mail by the end of May.
  2. Second round: We select by audition from among people who passed the first round.

About Audition

  • Your presentation/performance should be within 10 mins. Please be punctual.
  • There will be about 5 mins question time from selectors.

Presentation materials like slides are not necessarily required. If you would like to use, please prepare by yourself.


  • Please note that you might not be able to attend an audition depending on a result of the first round.
  • Please make your idea clear and show us the real presentation/performance with the real style as if it were the real stage.
  • If you need any equipment for your performance, please fill it in the remarks column.
  • You are not supposed to promote the company or any individual by your performance.